My Pilgrimage to pay homage to the Forbidden Paintings in Taos

I have always admired D.H. Lawrence’s innovative writing since reading “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” published in 1928. Unfortunately, the prevailing attitudes about sexual morality and sexual expression were those of the Victorian period, as a result of which the novel was banned in England. What the public did not realize was that this ambitious novel, although focusing on the relation of Lady Chatterley and her husband’s gamekeeper, it also went beyond the acknowledgement of her sexual desires and considered the effects of the war of 1914-1918, the horrors of industrialism, and the rigidity of the class structure. When I discovered that the Vancouver Opera Guild was organizing an Opera tour to Santa Fe, my adventurous spirit was aroused as I recalled reading about Lawrence’s forbidden paintings which were in Taos, a town in proximity to Santa Fe, I immediately signed up for the tour and started trying to organize my visit to pay homage to Lawrence’s art. Continue reading


To Hell and Back

My marriage was a marriage made in heaven – singing and dancing to the melody of “Heaven – I’m in heaven; my heart beats so that I can hardly speak – when we’re dancing cheek to cheek?”

That was how it was for 40 years – connubial bliss. An adoring husband encouraging my intellectual pursuits, extremely proud of my achievements in the field of music and literature, my patronage of the arts for which I was decorated.

Then unexpectedly, insidiously started the unravelling of his personality. Unnoticeably he was becoming confused. He told Bernard, my nephew visiting from London that his father, my brother-in-law had been ill. Wrong! It was my mother. Continue reading

Sol y Sombra

This is not intended to be a scientific treatise. My husband was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. I watched him dissolve by degrees. It all happened so slowly, insidiously, without understanding what was happening; I wondered what became of my husband, why he was surrendering by inches. Continue reading